Supporting Achievements of young Minds

SAM works to improve academic achievement and motivation in Middle School Students. We do this by working in partnership with principals, school site coordinators and teachers using intrinsic and extrinsic tools built from educational psychologists and the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

Win/Win: How to Motivate Middle School Students into High School Graduates



Win/Win is in Philadelphia and Trenton Middle Schools for the seventh year.  Our unique motivational intervention program continues to promote hard work, goal setting and personal success.



The Win/Win Program


Win/Win Program Steps

Our Win/Win program is a three pronged comprehensive motivational program, available at no cost to public schools. We combine positive student-teacher relationship-building, personal student goal setting and rewards to middle school students in lower-income districts, to enhance engagement and support the school culture. Throughout the school year, students receive personalized handwritten messages from their teachers, prizes based on their individual points, and progress updates-all emphasizing that
Effort Pays Off!